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What is a Pupil Passport? (formerly IEPs)

In moving away from IEPs, we are now using pupil passports. All children on our Special Needs Register have a pupil passport to help them achieve the most from their education. These are updated twice a year and involve parents, teachers and the child themselves. Our pupil passports include:

  • The pupil’s information and photograph. (This provides a personalised approach to the document)
  • The pupil’s thoughts and views on their learning and needs.
  • Additional support. (Noted additional support; SLT, therapy sessions, TA support etc)
  • Access arrangements. (Clearly noted assessment needs – extra time, reader/scribe etc.)
  • Data/information. (Key data/information, as required)
  • Agreed desired outcomes.
  • Provision / success criteria.
  • Progress towards outcome / review.