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Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Administering of Medicines in School

Please be advised that several statutory (Government) changes have been made to the way in which Schools are required to administer medications to its children. The following clarify the main changes that our School is expected to implement:-

  • The School office will no longer accept any ‘prescribed’ medication that is not presented in its original bottle/box with a printed label. The label (printed by the chemist or doctor’s surgery) should have the name of the medication, child’s name and clear instructions as to dosage and duration.
  • Every medication whether it be prescribed or non prescribed (Calpol etc) will have to be handed over to the School office in its original bottle/box (no filled syringes). Please do not hand in blister packs of tablets without their original packaging.
  • You will be required to complete and sign a Medication form when handing over medicines. We will not accept any medication brought to the office by children.
  • Any unprescribed medicine will only be administered for a total of 3 days - after which time, you must collect the medication from the School office. These 3 days include Saturdays and Sundays - so if your child has been taking medication over the weekend, we will only administer medication for a further day.
  • If your child is given medication that is required 3 times daily - it can be given first thing in the morning, after school and then before bedtime. The Office is not required to give the medication at lunchtime, unless specifically stated on the label on the bottle/box.
  • If your child has an inhaler - this must also be clearly labelled or provided in a labelled box. The School will be reviewing all asthma pumps over the next few weeks. If your child’s pump is not labelled or in a clearly labelled box it will be returned to you and you will be asked to supply the School with a pump that is labelled or in a labelled box.

The School reserves the right to contact your GP’s surgery or chemist if they have any queries regarding medication or dosage for your child.

 For further information please refer to our School/Trust Policies.