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Sports Premium

At Hinguar Primary School we are using the Sports premium to meet the following objectives:

  • Improve the provisions of PE and School Sport
  • Ensure that PE & School Sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring
  • Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils
  • Encourage the development of a passion for sport and physical activity

The additional PE funding received  has been used to improve the quality and breadth of sports provision within the school. This has been achieved by:

Allocating some of the sports funding in a training programme to continue to improve the quality of teaching of PE in the school.

Purchasing the services of Southend School Sports Partnership which allows us to utilise specialist PE leaders to improve the teaching and learning at our school.

To introduce clubs for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 with a focus on physical activity and ABC's (agility, balance and coordination ).

Partially fund transport and focused clubs so as to participate in a greater range of sporting competitions that are set up and run by the Southend Schools Partnership, thus enabling us to continue to strive towards our vision of every child being involved in some form of competitive sport.

Engage with schools within the SECAT Multi Academy Trust to further support our vision of every child taking part in competitive sport.  

Engage parents in participating in sporting events through attendance and coaching and training opportunities and through the development of parent 'sports champions'. 

We ask all parents that may attend competitive sports competitions that they abide by the Southend Schools Partnership Code. Please click below for SSCO Code of Conduct.

Sports Premium Spending

Please see below for information on how the sports premium grant has been allocated.