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Remote Learning Spring Term 2021

Hinguar Primary School and Nursery- Spring Term 2021 Remote Learning Plan

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware, the Education Secretary made an announcement on 30th December regarding the delay for opening for certain schools in some areas where very high levels of Covid cases have been identified.

Unfortunately, Southend on Sea was confirmed as one of these areas and as a result Primary schools have been asked to remain closed to most pupils in January 2021.

Following this, on 4th January, the Government announced that all schools within England were to remain closed to most pupils with a review on 18th February 2021.

Vulnerable children and children of critical workers will however be able to attend school, as has been the case throughout the pandemic. As a reminder the definition of these categories can be found by using the following link: Critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings - GOV.UK (

Hinguar Primary School and Nursery will be open for vulnerable children and critical workers children only from Tuesday 5th January 2021. Please contact the school office if you feel that your child meets this criteria;

For all other pupils, they will now be working from home, starting on Tuesday 5th January and we will be providing a range of remote learning opportunities for them whilst they remain at home.

The lessons provided for your child are planned to be in line with what they would be learning about and working on in school. The resources will include links to videos from Oak Academy as well as from learning platforms such as Education City and Purple Mash that you will already be familiar with.  A guide for Purple Mash to-do (2Do’s) tasks has also been provided and is in the resources section below.

The Oak Academy is an online classroom, created by teachers for teachers throughout this year due to the Covid pandemic to support the delivery of home learning when schools/bubbles have to close.

In the attached documents/emails you will receive during the school closure, there will be guidance on lessons to watch and take part in each day. Each day will include a literacy lesson, maths lesson, reading session, physical activity and topic activity.

Please be aware that sometimes the videos provided may ask children to pause the video to complete a task, then press play when complete so they can engage and learn throughout the session.

We do hope that you will find the lessons and learning ideas useful, but it is important to remember that this list is not exhaustive. We also recognise that home learning can be more challenging for some families. A rule of thumb is to do what you can without letting home learning become a battlefield! To try and support with routines, we will provide a suggested timetable.

Each day for Years R to 6 there will be a live Teams Meeting where your child’s class teacher will greet your child with a welcome to discuss the learning activities ahead. You will receive guidance on how to set up Microsoft Teams and the link to access the meeting for your child’s class via email. Due to the young age of the children, there will not be a live Teams meeting for Nursery pupils each day, but there will be story or music sessions recorded and sent out for your children to listen to and join in.

We were so impressed by the wonderful ways that parents and carers found to engage with learning during the previous lockdown and when the bubbles had to self-isolate before Christmas. Please feel free to share any of your child’s work by emailing us at The class teachers will be monitoring this email address every day where they can respond to any questions/queries about learning as well as respond when images/copies of pupil’s work are shared.

If you have any further queries or questions please either call the school office, or email which is monitored by the class teachers or alternatively which is monitored by Mrs Willis and Mrs Waite.

We wish you and your families well during these unprecedented times and thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time.

Best wishes

Mrs A J Waite


During school closures, many online learning platforms are providing free access to resources.      

This resources bank will be updated with links for you to explore as they become available:

•             Oak National Academy

•             BBC Bitesize

•             White Rose Maths

•             Purple Mash

•             Phonics-

•             Oxford Owls – English, maths, reading, phonics,

•             Twinkl- all areas

•             Scholastic- all areas

•             Cosmic Kids - PD, PSED

•             Letters and Sounds – Phonics

•             Top Marks – free online games & downloads  all areas

•             Early Years Resources – topic downloads

•             Youtube – Sticky Kids playlists, online stories

           A useful resources to support children with their understanding of the pandemic.