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Pupil Forum and pupils views about their school

We have changed our approach to listening to out Pupils Voice as an Open Pupil Forum during a lunchtime. Children had the opportunity to share their ideas with their class representatives in a more informal manner. The childrens' ideas and thoughts can be seen  below.

In your lessons what helps you to move your learning on?

  • Next steps comments in books
  • Teachers modelling an example to look at.
  • Teachers giving us praise for what we have done and then changing the way we have to do it to support us if we don’t understand.
  • Questions on the board.
  • Asking us questions.
  • Children adding to working walls.
  • Displays in the classroom.

What one thing could we do to make it better?

  • Having a few more things around the classroom to help with learning like vocab and punctuation.
  • More chance to continue work after break or after lunch, carry on all day until finished.
  • Having more chance to work together with other classes e.g. not just 5 and 6 but 4 and 5.
  • Teachers levelling work more when they come around to mark so you know how you are doing and what you are working towards.

How teachers will further help to move our pupils learning on:

The teachers have looked at how to improve using the display space in their classrooms to increase and clearly label key information for our children to help them use display more effectively with their learning. Also class teachers will organise the curriculum and learning day to allow more opportunity

  • To increase teaching blocked lessons within the class topic.
  • For inter-class learning through the development of whole school themed weeks.

Class teachers to use age-related feedback to help children know whether they are:

  • Working towards age-related levels
  • Meeting age-related levels
  • Exceeding age-related levels