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Key Information & School Opening Hours

Morning Session 1 08.45 – 10.30
Morning Session 2 10.45 – 12.15
Afternoon Session

13.15 – 15.05 Reception

13.15-15.15 Key Stage 1
13.15 – 15.20 Key Stage 2

School Hours in Week

Reception 31.67

KS1 32.50

KS2 32.75

Our School Assemblies

As a school we value assemblies as a communal event where the school can come together to share experiences. Our assemblies provide opportunities for spiritual reflection, celebratory events and artistic events where we welcome a wide variety of visitors to share their experiences.


Time of the Day



9.05-9.20 Whole School Assembly-Theme of the Week - led by headteacher


9.05-9.20 Whole School Assembly-Theme of the Week - led by teachers



Singing Assembly



Pupil of the week and birthday assesmbly



Whole School celebration of the week assembly    

At the start of the day

Pupils should not arrive before 8.35am, when the school gates are opened. Pupils are then allowed to walk into the school building in a sensible and orderly manner to their class. A member of staff will be on playground duty to welcome the children. A member of staff will also be in the classroom to supervise children as they settle in to their early morning work. Registers are taken at 8.45 promptly. The school gate is closed at 8.45am. Children arriving after 8.45am will need to report to the main office to register.

At the end of the day

Pupils will be brought down to the playground by their class teacher at the end of the day. To ensure we as a school hand over your child at the end of the day staff will do a visual check to ensure parent is present before handing over.If you are unable to pick up your child at the end of the school day it is expected that you confirm your alternative arrangements with the school office on the day or if there is a long term collection arrangement please put this in writing to the school.