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Hinguar Stars

A Hinguar Star Stamp is awarded to a pupil, at the end of each week, if  throughout the week they have demonstrated positive attitudes towards their learning and showed good learning in the class.

Children are able to track their progress during the week as if they stay in the class' Learning Zone chart during the week or return to it quickly after a reminder they will earn their Hinguar Star stamp at the end of the week. This rewards children who are trying their best in lessons, are paying attention and take on challenges to improve their learning. The Hinguar Stamp is placed in the Home/School book each week.

  • To achieve a Bronze Hinguar Star your child needs to receive 10 Hinguar Star stamps.
  • To achieve a Silver Hinguar Star your child needs to receive 20 Hinguar Star stamps.
  • To achieve a Gold Hinguar Star your child needs to receive 35 Hinguar Star stamps.

At the end of each term, during the last assembly for the term children will be awarded their Hinguar Star badge.

Children will lose their weekly Hinguar Star stamp should their learning behaviours disrupt the learning of others, resulting in them being sent for a time out in another classroom.  In recognition of the progression of expectations children In years 5 and 6 will also lose their weekly stamp should they not complete their homework, including reading at home 5 times a week.