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“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” 
― Kofi Anan

At Hinguar, we recognise the importance of the English language and its role in all subject areas. English as a subject is intended to be delivered as part of a broad and balanced curriculum across all other subject areas in order that our pupils get the fullest experience and opportunities for the practise and application of skills.

We encourage our pupils to cultivate their love for reading, writing, speaking and listening and understand the potential positive impacts that nurturing a love for literacy can have on pupils’ health and well-being. We at Hinguar know that in order to give our pupils the best chance in life and the best communication skills possible, we must nurture literacy and simultaneously ensure that we have the highest expectations possible of every single pupil. We understand that the love for literacy can be sparked by enjoyable and enriching creative experiences and that these sparks must be nurtured and deepened by the teaching and application of skills in a broad variety of settings. We at Hinguar aim to balance the technical with the creative, and always with our pupils at the centre.

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