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Breakfast & After School Club - Drop Zone


All bookings and payment must be made via MCAS as with school meals and trips etc. Booking is live on the MCAS app. Please advise either the school office or if you are having any difficulties booking a place.

 Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer breakfast or after school club provision for Nursery Children.


Childcare vouchers & Tax-free childcare

We accept both childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare payments. However, MCAS does not allow for payment in this way. As such to pay via this method you will need to advise us should you wish to do so and give the details of your voucher provider or if this is tax-free childcare. Once you make the payment to the school via your provider, we can match the payment to your MCAS account and allocate the sessions for you. If you have advised us you wish to pay via this method, we will hold your space at the provision until payment is matched and this will be entered by us on to MCAS. If you are having any issues, please contact

Contact details

General enquiries about the clubs can be sent to

The club has a dedicated mobile phone number to contact the club in the event of emergency or for access/pick up.

Breakfast sessions (or part thereof) £5.00 per session Length & times of sessions

After School sessions (or part thereof) £10.00 per session Length & times of sessions