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Arts Mark Award

What is Arts Mark?

Arts Mark scheme led by the Arts Council aims to support schools to embed arts and culture within a school’s curriculum provision and further opportunities beyond the school day. The Arts Mark recognises and supports schools to deliver quality arts provision for all children and young people.

School vision:

It is our belief at Hinguar Primary School that all children can benefit in participating in the arts regardless of age, ability or background.  We want to encourage children to access a wide range of offerings and nurture their journey as they learn skills directly related to their subjects as well as lifelong skills which they can also translate to other areas of the curriculum and life. All children can gain valuable attributes by regularly participating in a wide range of arts subjects.

Arts Mark Going for Gold Status

Hinguar Primary School is about to embark on a journey to strive towards gaining Gold Arts Mark status. This is an award for schools who demonstrate their commitment for putting arts and cultural provision at the heart of their school.

 Through a rich and engaging curriculum we aim to support our children to gain confidence, understand the importance of teamwork, improving speaking and listening skills, develop appreciation of a wide variety of arts and engage in a range of extracurricular opportunities. 

We will over the next year be further developing our current curriculum provision and increasing links to local opportunities, parental involvement in the arts with the aim to have a positive impact on all areas of the school curriculum.  It is our intention that by offering unique and collaborative learning experiences, delivered by our teachers, specialists as well as specific tailor made events - that we can broaden the depth of the curriculum and enrich our children’s school life.