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Head Pupils & Prefects

Hinguar Primary School and Nursery Pupil Roles of Responsibility

Every year we select children to take on roles of responsibility within the school.The children are often involved in this process by way of a democratic vote. Of the most coveted of these roles is the responsibility of Year 6 Head Pupil.

The selection process for this role is rigorous with the first round comprising of a letter of application to the Headteacher and a presentation to the rest of the school in assembly. Pupils are then shortlisted for an interview with the Headteacher and senior teacher and have to provide a tour of the school to the Chair of the Academy Committee.

Selection is always a difficult process as the children bring such dedication and enthusiasm to the role. We are pleased to announce that our chosen Head Pupils for 2019 /2020 are:

Cohan, Chessy and Olivia

These children will be ‘the face’ of the school and will welcome visitors as well as be a vital and trusted support to teachers and fellow pupils. They will be excellent role models to others.

The standard was so high this year that we decided to introduce further roles of responsibility to support the children in pursuing areas of responsibility that they showed passion and enthusiasm for. We are therefore pleased to announce that our new Senior Prefects are:

Teddy, Cleo and Phoebe

These children have a particular passion for supporting other pupils with their learning and are keen to encourage a growth mindset within the school.

We are also pleased to announce that our new Prefects are:

Maddie, Delilah, Austin and Alisia

These children have a particular passion for children’s wellbeing, relationships and inclusion and will play a valuable role in supporting our new play leaders who have been identified in every class to support positive play and friendships.

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