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SECAT Letters to Parents

Please click on this link to access all recent communication from SECAT regarding school closures.


                                      Letter from CEO - 13th May 2020 

Dear Parents

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday, the Department for Education published revised guidance on Monday evening (which is constantly being updated as we speak) outlining a ‘route map’ for the gradual and phased re-opening of schools for more groups of children.

I know that everyone in our school community – children, parents and staff – is eager to see us return to a full and normal pattern of school provision as soon as possible. We are determined to make this happen but must remain mindful of the challenges that are particular to individual school environments.

We need to develop any new model of provision in a way that is achievable within existing staff resources, and – most importantly - safeguards the health and well-being of all involved. We are planning how best we can achieve this. As you can imagine, there are many aspects and details to consider. We will contact all parents before half-term and as quickly as we are able, with arrangements that will be introduced from 1st June.

We envisage that there will be no immediate change to the provision of remote learning for all year groups who will continue to remain at home. We are also aware that some parents have already expressed that they do not wish for their children to return to school at this point, which is of course, currently your prerogative.

Imminently, we hope, and will strive to provide a more developed on-site offer for groups of children in Years Nursery, Reception, 1, 6, 10 and 12, alongside their sustained involvement in home study. 

We are sure you share our determination to open again as fully as we can, whilst at the same time guarding the safety and well-being of your children and our staff.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing help, support and encouragement.

With continued best wishes to you and your families.

Kind Regards

Ruth Brock




The plan that the Prime Minister set out on Sunday evening stipulates that the same 5 rules still apply and previous restrictions still apply for our schools.

                                                     The schools remain closed.

The provision in our Richmond Primary Hub and Shoeburyness High Secondary Hub will continue from tomorrow.  As instructed by the DfE, these provisions remain open ONLY for essential and previously identified pupils of keyworkers and vulnerable pupils. 

Until the next announcement by the Prime Minister nothing has therefore changed for our schools. 

                                                                 Ruth Brock, CEO, SECAT